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ShulSource’s #VirtuallyAwesome Team will support your small to medium sized Synagogue.
Our team specializes in Shul Business which makes us a one stop shop for everything your synagogue office needs to be doing but is struggling to keep up with.


Honestly… we’re not sure what this guy does all day, but he does process payroll so we keep him around. Ok, truth is, he does a lot, it’s just mostly top secret. Azi’s vision, style (business, not dress) and brand of leadership guide what ShulSource (a division of RemSource, which he founded in 2009) does for its family of clients and employees, while fueling the simple goal to of providing small synagogues the tools they need to succeed and grow. As one of the founders of a Shul in Baltimore in 2007, Azi has hands on experience that translates to and guides the services provided by ShulSource. Still active in his Shul and working with many others he knows the opportunities and challenges and brings all that knowledge to the table for the benefit of every Shul our team supports.


Rachelle makes bookkeeping look easy, always knowing the right questions to ask and figuring out ways to solve problems no matter what. With a passion for how it gets done as well as getting it done right, Rachelle is our go-to for clarity, organization, and the client service experience. You will struggle to find someone who gets more excited when discovering a new feature or a smarter and more reliable way to get something done. When she’s not crunching numbers, Rachelle enjoys cooking, working out and hanging out with her husband and kids.


After years of LA living, Bracha quickly settled into Baltimore life, and joined RemSource with extensive bookkeeping experience. She has an eye for detail and leaves no room for error. Bracha enjoys hiking and traveling, as well as “extreme sports” like juggling six laundry baskets at a time, speed-cooking for holidays, and hosting large family gatherings, all while keeping her cool.


Alisa is a bookkeeping wiz, handling every aspect of her work patiently and methodically. With a passion for getting it right and really understanding the needs of each client and what is happening on the other side of those numbers, she is an exceptional advocate for best practices and informative records. Our clients are thrilled that their bookkeeping is in her capable, dedicated hands! Alisa is a chocoholic who can often be found walking or horseback riding. 


Every office needs a Riki. Not just because she speaks with that fancy English accent, but because she brings a calm positivity to the room at all times. A natural connector, Riki takes great pride in doing things properly, thoroughly but most importantly – while making everyone she interacts with feel valued. If she had her way she could talk to people all day. She loves their story and loves finding ways to help them. So yea… we have to remind her to stop being so “chatty” now and then! Originally from London, she moved to Baltimore when she married her husband, he seems pretty cool too!


Want to meet a real life superhero? That’s Melissa. There is no workload she can’t handle, no challenge she won’t take on, and always with positive energy and that “we can do anything” vibe! Melissa also proudly wears the title “Shabbos Goy” on our team and has years of experience understanding subtle hints related to light switch positions and HVAC settings when she spent her free time helping out with kids groups at a local Shul on holidays. 

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