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It’s simple really. Your Shul is too big to run on volunteer power alone but too small for full time office staff. Small Synagogues may suffer financially from inconsistent back-office workflows.  ShulSource can help you gain even more value from systems like QuickBooks™ and ShulCloud™, keep members and donors informed, and free up time to focus on other important interactions and program development.
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Expert Bookkeeping services with advanced knowledge of Synagogue operations and financial record keeping techniques.
Advanced knowledge in ShulCloud integration and operations.
Transaction entry, receivable tasks and payable tasks.
Monthly financial reports to your leadership – there is no need to catch up if you keep up!
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Billing / Statements

Donors get accurate pledge or membership statements on time and are far more likely to pay right away.
ShulSource takes ownership of ongoing and cyclical tasks to ensure regular, reliable cash-flow.Read More

Member Database Management

Your member data is changing all the time, so keeping it up to date needs to be done all the time too! Incomplete profiles, missing or incorrect email addresses, duplicate records… These are all common issues in a live database and it takes a deliberate effort to maintain your data after first importing or creating member or donor records. Our team is trained to correct and collect this kind of data as we do our job so keeping you data current and useful!
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Email/Phones Inquiries or Payments

When a member or donor has questions, its important that they get a prompt reply and resolution. The ShulSource team becomes an extension of your Synagogues back office team by being available by phone or email to answer and resolve such questions. Your synagogue will get its own direct inbound number to reach our team on and we are also available by email, under your Shul’s name, keeping things organized, clear, and accessible.
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Home Pages & Schedule Updates

In today’s synagogue environment an informative and reliable web site makes a huge difference. Our team can take on routine update tasks to keep your home page accurate and informative and can assist in managing and maintain the schedule rules that drive the daily calendar. The incredible feature rich ShulCoud™ system is packed with valuable functions and options that when utilized properly can make your web site far more then just a donation portal and can instead become a daily resource for your members and guests.
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Life-cycle Emails & Letters

Utilizing the data your members are sharing with you through the member database is an important part of celebrating and commemorating important dates with your members and supporters. Our team can take ownership of scheduled routines to deliver personal messages to members that mark their special dates. We can also assist with creating templates for your routine announcement emails and sending out announcement emails as needed.
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Migrations to QuickBooks™

Our team has assisted in countless migrations from other financial software systems or even excel sheets to QuickBooks™. Advanced knowledge of the integration between ShulCloud and QuickBooks allows our team to setup and configure QuickBooks for easy integration to your ShulCloud systems as part of the on-boarding that the team at ShulCloud will complete.
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Administrative Support

As a division of RemSource-  Virtual Office Team, our pool of resources includes a team of administrative professionals that excel at virtual administrative services. Building on the value and results gained from having a professional back office for your financial records, the ShulSource team can also expand their services to areas such as; Appointment setting & calendar management for the Syngagouge Rabbi or key staff members, event information/reservations, life-cycle letters & emails and more. When it comes to delegating tasks, the sky is the limit with ShulSource!
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Our founder, Azi Rosenblum, has over a decade of experience in Synagogue management. Having previously been a member of the management team of a Yeshiva program in Israel, a Youth Director at a Synagogue and with 15 years+ in management and operations of a variety of for-profit and non-profit organizations his broad skill set is an asset to every project or initiative he gets involved in. As one of the founders of a Baltimore based synagogue that has grown to nearly 200 members and is in the process of building it’s 2nd major expansion, his broad base of business and Synagogue management experience can be a major asset to a synagogue or Shul experiencing growing pains, momentum or engagement issues, or generally looking to find ways to better serve its members.
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